Greater Than Great 2nd Quarter

by Kwestion

(free) 03:27


2nd Quarter Of the Album


released July 4, 2012

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Track Name: Bout To Be On + Ferocious
Big boy and I'm swagging out
I'm in the zone
So cash me out
I got some heat not for the low
I'm on it tho
Don't put me out
Bad bitches intrigue me
When they leave me they leaking
If I catch a broad twitter
When she Skype me she freaky
I I know what's up
And im in my job
I put in work
I go overtime
You think I'm stopping
Hell naw
I gotta ball
Jordan in his prime
But I ain't in my prime yet
Be pissed now
I got next
You seen a nigga So G
Well fix your binoculars
Because I am fresh
Over you lame
Off with the brain my Chevy then bang
Tape my fade
Fresh new jays
Coke white tee
And I'm off like planes
Stunt like shades
Say bitch I'm made
We on one and we leaning
Catch me on that ave hoe
With my squad doe and we scheming
Top down with a bad broad
Here 2 win
So pass the ball
Stand tall I want it all
Hard in the paint you don't want it dog
Say bruh don't hoe me
Act like you know me
Meet me at the top dawg
I was raised up by the O.G's

Show you how to get it
What's I'm pose to do
Need no validation From you Suckas
You a Rubrics cube
I been on my job
Working hard
Gotta buss a move
BIB what up
Throw it up
We got shit to do
Rock Da Block we gone
Flying outta here
They can watch the throne
But we sneaking in the back From here
Nigga please off of these
Yeah my NUT's
I have been prestige
Salute me
Call me captain bisshhhhh
You know what it is
I am bout my shizzzzzz
Means I'm on my shit
Get a wifff
Of this potent shit
Say tricks are for kids
I'm a wiz when it comes to this
Bars on bar on deck
Show respect
Say don't break ur neck
Kwestion the contender of the south
And I'm going in
Cause y'all niggas trying to count me out
And I let y'all niggas know
That I'm bout to run the south