Reality Check IX

by Kwestion



West Side All Day
In the west cost trying to find Dre
I'm a new nigga in a new city
No license but MG they ride'n wit me
Got that work fam
And it not got cheapppppp
blow on snow
And that's an OD
Go hard as Fuck
See my numbers up
Turn my back shits back up
Call me fistacuufffffff
I'm fucking amazing
Know that you hater still waiting
Go take a vacation
Cause I'm getting started
Here go your dearly departed
Go crazy like Martin
You can't count me out
No fouls
When I'm back in it's lights out
I'm in the break go dumb like MJ
That's muthaphucka
Now peep game
I'm the best
You niggas know
Like snow in the bluff gotta get it and go
Pack this shit like I'm shipping Os
Then sell it to the fiends let them overdose
And I'm raw #NoSushi
Can't throw me off
I got the been the blue print
Yes this beat dumb
So I'm going stupid
In love with my money
No arrows from Cupid
Let's do it

Through the city I'm dipping
Bumpin Sanctified
Like I'm Christian
When I slide up ya chick missin
If ya wanna flex then reach like I'm Pippen #Long
Knock in my speakers
You think that it's Kong
Fuck her so go she don't wanna go home
Don't call me no fraud
I'm original nicca
Jockin my style
Like a criminal nicca
You hearin me nicca
I've been off the Richter
So on my grind
Like I'm Kennedy nicca
That's TK
This shit is so wavy
So run it back DJ
Yes I go ham
I do what I can
Salute me when you see me
I am that man
Niggas gone hate
Cause they don't understand
It's cool
They mad buffoon
They has to lose
I'm stylish dude
I don't think they know
Bitch I'm bout to blow
They J Cole nigga
Shii my time is due
I grind everyday
And I don't know what sleep is
This shit feels so close
I work so hard
you believe it
I work so hard
you believe it
I work so hard
you believe it
I work so hard
you believe it


released September 2, 2014
Produced By Just Jhuss For The M.U.S.I.C. Group LLC



all rights reserved